Welcome to the Jiang Lab

Departments of Plant Biology and Horticulture, MSU

2018 Oligo-FISH Workshop

Where: Jiang Lab at Michigan State University.

When: November 5-9, 2018.

Workshop: This is an intensive, 5-day course providing the training necessary to indepedently perform fluorescence in situ hybridization using oligonucleotide-based DNA probes (Oligo-FISH), including oligo probe design, probe labeling, hybridization and signal detection. Oligo-FISH allows identification of individual plant chromosomes using a large number of oligos that are specific to a chromosomal region or to an entire chromosome (Han et al. 2015, Genetics 200: 771-779; Braz et al. 2018, Genetics 208: 513-523).

Fellowship: We have three “participant fellowships” available. Each fellowship will cover up to $1500 for air ticket and hotels. Graduate students, who have currently enrolled in a university in USA, can apply the fellowships. For the fellowship application, please send a CV, a recommendation letter from the supervisor, and a letter explaining why you are interested in this workshop.

Contact: Please contact Hainan Zhao (zhaohai3@msu.edu) to reserve a slot. The workshop will host up to 10 people.